As an expert in the field of water treatment and environment, Hoa Phat Eco accompanies customers throughout the entire project life cycle, from design consulting to operation and maintenance services.

After the technology design consultation phase, submitting technical documents and related drawings to the investor, the contractor will proceed to the construction phase of the system. Depending on the needs of the investor is to build new or renovate and upgrade the existing treatment system, the construction process will have different workloads.

With internal capacity and experienced human resources, Hoa Phat Eco is an EPC general contractor specializing in the construction of environmental and industrial projects such as:

  • Construction of water treatment system, clean water plant
  • Construction of wastewater treatment system, sewage treatment plant
  • Construction of the incident handling lake, the treatment tank cluster
  • Construction of emission treatment system, odor treatment
  • Construction of sludge treatment systems: dewatering, sludge drying, sludge burning
  • Construction of biogas upgrade system in wastewater treatment

In each project, whether it is small value to large projects, our goal is always to complete the project with the best quality, on schedule and using the optimal budget, committed to efficient and stable operation of the project.

Besides, during the construction process and project implementation, in addition to complying with the regulations and instructions of the investor for contractors, Hoa Phat Eco applies the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), the Safety – Health – Environment Management (ISO 14001:2015) for work items and all employees on site.

The team of experts and safety officers (under the HSE department) of Hoa Phat Eco have developed safety management processes, risk assessment for the team of engineers, direct supervision of construction and all workers, workers at the construction site, in order to convey and equip workers to understand, understand and strictly comply with the regulations on occupational safety to limit all risks, create a safe working environment throughout. from the very beginning of the implementation to the end of the project.


S Consulting to choose the most suitable and modern processing technology

S Solutions and technologies are green, clean, and environmentally friendly

S Limit the use of chemical treatment

S Optimal investment costs and budgets

S Balanced operating cost and energy saving

S Automatic control system, using less operating labor

S The system is designed and built flexibly, easily upgrading more capacity or moving when needed.

S Package design and construction solutions (EPC, turn-key)

S The management system is modern and applied throughout the entire project according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certification, including quality management, schedule management, risk management, safety management, health and safety. health and the environment.