Hoa Phat Eco always wants to affirm that the company will be a professional and long-term workplace, bringing the best source of income for employees. Therefore, we always strive to create an open and friendly working environment like a second home so that all members have the opportunity to assert themselves, develop their talents and creativity, contribute to the success of the company.



At Hoa Phat Eco, the salary and bonus policy is built on the basis of the assigned work along with the performance of the work performed, ensuring fairness, consistent with the level of dedication of employees and the level of competition. on the common market. Twice a year, we will review the work results of employees to serve as a basis for salary increase through the comments and evaluations of the direct leadership.
In addition to salary, our company also has appropriate bonus policies to encourage and encourage the working spirit of all employees.



At Hoa Phat Eco, people are always the most valuable asset. As each individual of Hoa Phat Eco grows, surely Hoa Phat Eco will also grow. Therefore, we believe that investing in employee training is the most “profitable” activity. The training and retraining programs for the company’s staff are always focused by the company in both quantity and quality, ensuring sustainable development and having a clear and long-term orientation in the future.



When working at Hoa Phat Eco, you will be accompanied and immersed in social activities with the company such as visiting and giving gifts to poor children at centers inside and outside the city, visiting family program policy families, lonely elderly people, relief for compatriots in floods, …

Volunteer activities are one of the policies for Hoa Phat Eco to demonstrate corporate responsibility to society, helping disadvantaged and unfortunate people have the opportunity to rise to a better life, contributing to the development of a better life, civilized and rich country.


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