When the demand for water is increasing along with input costs such as water prices, electricity prices, chemicals are increasing, factories and businesses start looking for solutions to reduce operating and transportation costs. their practice. This poses the challenge of having a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage the operation of water treatment systems to achieve stable performance and optimize operating costs. In addition, this target must be met while keeping energy consumption to a minimum and ensuring compliance with environmental and health safety standards.

Solution of Hoa Phat Eco JSC

Hoa Phat Eco has invested in research and development of management technologies and solutions to meet these requirements of customers with a complete operation and maintenance (O&M) service. We deploy leading process technologies and automated monitoring systems to provide cost-effective operation and maintenance solutions for both industrial and environmental projects. This solution helps project owners and investors manage the system with a single contractor, reducing human costs, optimizing maintenance processes, ensuring asset and data security, thereby increasing significantly the overall performance of the project and the return on investment.

Currently, Hoa Phat Eco is in charge of operating services for many factories and wastewater treatment systems in Vietnam. We have the proficiency and expertise to operate:

  • Water treatment and wastewater treatment plant designed and built by Hoa Phat Eco
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants designed and built by any other company or contractor
  • Urban wastewater treatment plants
  • Equipment, lines for water treatment, sludge treatment, emission treatment and odor control.

Hoa Phat Eco focuses on maintaining customer satisfaction after sales and ensuring that the plant continues to operate consistently year after year as per the original design parameters. We can provide our customers with an experienced and skilled team of engineers and technicians to support or take over the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the plant.

Our customized O&M programs help meet the most demanding customer requirements and we guarantee:

  • Working together in a long-term and sustainable partnership, bringing value to the customer’s factory.
  • Helping customers save time, optimize investment costs
  • Provide a team of experts and professional operators
  • Trained and transferred the most modern proven handling and operating technologies.
  • Monitor your plant’s OPEX continuous and optimized operation
  • Always strictly follow the discharge regulations, health and environmental safety regulations.

With our professionalism and focus during operation, customers can be confident that their discharge requirements will be met, the system will always operate safely and efficiently, with no negative impacts to the ecosystem and the surrounding environment.

Our operation and maintenance (O&M) services include:

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of equipment and systems, from preventive maintenance and remedial (repair).
  • Monitor and monitor system operations: Performance monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis, periodic testing and evaluation, remote factory system monitoring
  • System maintenance and repair: System restoration and maintenance, cleaning, repair and replacement of equipment, management of spare parts, spare goods
  • Predictive maintenance, risk management: Identify system trends and analysis reports, plan, take measures and take preventive actions.
  • Energy management plan
  • Water quality monitoring plan
  • Manage the entire system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates
  • Work safety plan during operation
  • Annual contingency and supplementary procurement plans and programs
  • Plan for training and developing management engineers and operators
  • Periodically report on the operation process, the costs incurred by the system.
  • Complete administrative management and financial reporting
  • Green space management, site care, maintenance of outside works.

Besides, at Hoa Phat Eco, we believe that “Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance” makes an important contribution to the operation of the organization and creates value for our customers. We are committed to developing and maintaining the highest level of safety culture to prevent accidents in the workplace. Training courses for operators are mandatory and regular. Training courses for operators are mandatory and regular. This is also one of the important and throughout goals in our operation and maintenance service.