The increasing development of industries with many factories opening poses a great challenge in terms of sustainable environmental protection. The amount of wastewater generated from the production process of enterprises needs to be treated to meet safety standards before being discharged into the environment.

Therefore, the design of treatment technology in accordance with the characteristics of wastewater and efficient operation is a necessary need of most enterprises and factories, ensuring the harmonious development of the production process and balance with the ecological environment.


Hoa Phat Eco Company provides design consulting solutions, technology selection, technical options for projects of wastewater treatment, supply water treatment, sludge treatment and wastewater reuse.

We have designed and built many efficient wastewater treatment projects for many different industries, from the textile and dyeing industry to the food, beer, beverage, and other industries plating factory, steel and metal, chemical industry – cosmetics, rubber industry, packaging, …



Our design consulting services included:

– Consulting on technology selection suitable for each industry and processing capacity

– Research report on investment feasibility and economic efficiency of the project

– Report on estimates of operating costs, optimization options and energy recovery

– Explanation of treatment technology, technological process diagram

– Design technical drawings, construction drawings

– Design panoramic 3D perspective drawings, technological pipeline drawings



Hoa Phat Eco’s team of technology engineers, with many experienced experts in the field of environmental treatment, always researches and applies new treatment technologies to optimize the basic design for the purpose of efficient operation most effective. We advise customers to choose the right treatment technology for their needs, customize the design, carefully study the life cycle of the equipment to bring a durable construction, stable operation, satisfying better than customer’s expectations.

Video about 3D simulation Overview of Design Diagram of Wastewater Treatment System:


At Hoa Phat Eco, our solutions and technologies are built and developed on the basis of thorough research on the following factors:

S Optimal investment cost

S Operating costs

S Upgradeable scalability

S Solutions for automatic operation and intelligent monitoring

S Limit the use of chemicals, be environmentally friendly

S Safe operation and energy saving

S Prioritize recycling and energy recovery




Hoa Phat Eco accompanies customers throughout the entire life cycle of the project, complying with the most stringent safety conditions, construction standards and quality requirements. Thereby bringing a project with the most effective investment and optimal operation, minimizing operating costs, minimizing maintenance and replacement requirements.