What is wastewater treatment?

Wastewater generated from human activities (domestic wastewater) and production and business activities of enterprises and factories (industrial wastewater) is one of the environmental problems. always cared and focused.

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing the pollutant components present in wastewater by a combination of work items, technologies and accompanying equipment so that the treated wastewater meets the prescribed standards before being discharged. environment.

An effectively invested and operated wastewater treatment system will help the production and business activities of factories and enterprises be safe with the ecological environment and the health of people around. .

At the same time, this helps to improve the image and brand of the business to customers and partners as well as help businesses feel secure in production and business, avoiding costs related to sanctions and Vietnamese laws for environmental protection issues.

He Thong Xu Ly Nuoc Thai

Learn an overview of wastewater treatment systems, treatment methods, processes, and common technologies here: HOW DO WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS WORK?


HOA PHAT ECO is the Contractor for all wastewater treatment projects and we accompany customers throughout the entire project lifecycle with solutions and services:

Technology consulting, design wastewater treatment system

Environmental legal record:

  • Prepare an environmental impact assessment report (ĐTM)
  • Make a plan to protect the environment
  • Registering the hazardous waste source owner book
  • Periodic environmental monitoring reports
  • Report on completion of works of environmental protection measures
  • Apply for a water extraction permit, a discharge permit
  • Report on hazardous waste management
  • Report on water exploitation and discharge situation

Construction of wastewater treatment system

Supply and installation of wastewater treatment equipment

– Operation, training and technology transfer

O&M service

– Repair, renovate and upgrade the existing wastewater treatment system.

Video Principle of operation 3D simulation wastewater treatment system

Choosing Hoa Phat Eco as the contractor for the construction of the wastewater treatment system for your factory, customers are sure to be satisfied and assured because:

– Solution, service package, turn-key

– Consulting solutions and technologies suitable to the capacity and characteristics of each type of wastewater and production scale

– Efficiently and stably treating pollution indicators, ensuring that the treated wastewater always meets the discharge standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

– Design staff, construction and operation engineers have in-depth knowledge with seasoned experience, have experienced many projects at major environmental contractors

– Apply modern wastewater treatment technology, high automation ability and save operating costs

– Ensure appropriate and competitive investment costs, stable and effective operation of the project

– Lifetime warranty and maintenance solutions with preferential service packages

– Easily renovate and upgrade the wastewater treatment system when there is a change in discharge regulations or the need to expand the plant.

Hoa Phat Eco Company provides wastewater treatment services for factories, companies and businesses in the following industries and fields:

– Domestic wastewater treatment: hotels, resorts, supermarkets, schools, buildings, apartments, commercial centers, …

– Treatment of medical wastewater: hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, dentists, medical centers, …

– Industrial production wastewater:

  • Centralized sewage treatment plant
  • Textile and dyeing wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of plating wastewater, electronic components, mechanical processing, automobile assembly
  • Wastewater treatment of iron and steel production, aluminum, metal, …
  • Waste water treatment for packaging, printing ink
  • Wastewater treatment of paper and pulp
  • Wastewater treatment for rubber industry
  • Wastewater treatment of breeding, farm, slaughter house
  • Food and pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater treatment for beer, wine, milk, beverage
  • Wastewater treatment for landfills, centralized waste treatment areas

– Waste water treatment of other industries

The above are just some of the most common basic wastewater treatment methods. Please contact Hoa Phat Eco – EPC general contractor for wastewater treatment for advice and learn more about the latest wastewater treatment technologies, optimal treatment methods and suitable for each industry. production, size and characteristics of each type of wastewater to be treated.

With a thorough understanding of wastewater treatment technology along with capacity and experience in construction of many water treatment projects, HOA PHAT ECO commits to better meet the expectations of customers with the system. Wastewater treatment operates efficiently and stably, contributing to increasing the value of the business and accompanying the community in protecting the ecological and sustainable environment..